NFT wallet types and their best uses

NFT wallet types and their best uses

People have recently flocked to NFTs for a variety of reasons, including to support an artist, join a DAO, or just out of curiosity. According to a CNBC study, NFT sales in 2018 increased by 21,000% over those in 2020.

The information suggests that more individuals are entering the NFT games arena, although others may find it to be rather technical since they don’t seem to comprehend the subtleties of NFT wallet types.

Trust Wallet.

Viktor Radchenko established Trust Wallet initially, but Binance eventually purchased it in 2018.

The best hot NFT wallet for a newbie to start with is probably Trust wallet. You can save and receive treasures thanks to its straightforward user interface.

Additionally, OpenSea has been incorporated. So you may purchase or sell NFTs on the white label NFT market using your Trust Wallet. Please be aware, however, that Trust Wallet is only accessible through mobile devices.


An NFT wallet designed specifically for the Solana blockchain is called Solflare. You may use it on desktop computers, mobile devices, or by adding a browser extension. Solflare’s viewpoint is simple to work with.

However, its primary flaw is that, other from Solana, it is incompatible with all other blockchain protocols. So it could seem extremely restrictive to you.

Coinbase Wallet 

The Coinbase wallet, which should not be confused with the wallet used by the Coinbase exchange, is a non-custodial wallet where you may store both your cryptocurrency and NFTs. Its popularity may stem from the fact that you can use your cards to fund your wallet.

NFTs may be sent using the recipient’s username on the Coinbase wallet rather using wallet addresses. It also includes a dApp browser so you can easily conduct operations on platforms that are Web3 native.


One of the safest wallets is MetaMask, an Ethereum-based NFT wallet. You may purchase ETH on Metamask with your credit or debit cards, just as you can with the Coinbase wallet.

You may easily visit NFT markets using its decentralized browser. MetaMask offers up to four testnets for NFT developers, and you may easily add more private testnets.

Enjin Wallet

This is an NFT wallet that is compatible with numerous devices. The Enjin wallet is more comprehensive since it supports 25 common languages including Russian and Korean.

It is the only wallet you may use to trade NFTs in the Enjin marketplace. However, it does not work with other blockchain protocols.

The customer service staff of Enjin has also received praise from several of its consumers.

Best Cold Wallets For NFT: TOP 5

You could wish to keep your NFTs in a cold wallet for a variety of reasons, such as optimum security. You may look at this if you’ve been seeking for the greatest NFT wallet available:

Keepkey Wallet

One of the top NFT cold wallets is Keepkey. You may track and monitor your NFTs on its sizable display. The wallet will produce 12 words when you first set it up, which you may use to take back control of your digital assets even if you lose or break the wallet.

Trezor Wallet

Many members in the blockchain community, including Jack Dorsey, the former CEO of Twitter, have given Trezor positive reviews. Trezor offers the Trezor One and Trezor Model T as its two variants.

On both the Ethereum and Binance blockchain technologies, it allows NFTs. To manage your NFTs, you may link your Trezor wallet to your phone and computer.

Please be aware, nevertheless, that iOS devices are incompatible with Trezor.

Ledger Nano

The cold wallet Ledger is compatible with the Ethereum blockchain. The Ledger S Plus, Ledger X, and Ledger S hardware wallets are just a few of the company’s NFT wallet options.

It takes pleasure in assisting users with frictionless NFT transactions using Ethereum. In addition to Rainbow, Poap, and Rarible, it has collaborated with NFT markets.

However, Ledger’s main drawback is that it just has two buttons, making it difficult to use.

Safepal Wallet

Since its founding in 2018, Safepal has grown to claim almost 200 countries and 3 million members. The Litecoin Foundation, Binance Labs, and Trust Wallet support it.

It is a more secure cold wallet since it self-destructs after detecting an attack and operates entirely offline. Nevertheless, some customers have complained that Safepal might be difficult to set up.


A Coolwallet may fit into your conventional NFT wallet because to its slim 0.8mm dimension. increasing its mobility as a result. With an encrypted Bluetooth capability, you may communicate with your Android or iOS device.

The only hardware wallet that offers in-app support for OpenSea and Rarible is probably Coolwallet.

How to Safeguard Your NFTs

The quantity of fraudulent actions does not seem to be decreasing even as the NFT market continues to grow. You must thus understand how to protect your NFT against malicious hackers.

The first thing to remember is never to store your seed phrase online or to share it with anybody. You must keep your seed phrase private since anybody who knows it can access your NFTs.

Next, implement a 2FA. This additional layer of protection will make it more difficult to access your account. Even if your password is compromised, it is doubtful that the hacker will be able to access your money without your supplementary credentials.

The most crucial thing is to refrain from clicking on arbitrary and shady links, particularly ones from Discord DMs. Your digital assets might be stolen via these URLs to brute-force their way into your wallet.


As you connect with NFT markets or other Web3-native services, an NFT wallet is essential. You need an NFT wallet in order to secure your NFT collectibles in addition to being able to use DApps.

In picking your NFT wallet types, we have presented you numerous parameters to enhance your selection above. You may choose the one that best suits your demands and, more significantly, the one you can rely on for its safety after doing your study.

Pay attention to these NFT wallet options

Pay attention to these NFT wallet options

Currently, NFTs are dominating the market for digital art and collectibles. The lifestyles of digital artists are altering as a result of massive sales to a new crypto-audience. As they discover a new method to engage with audiences, celebrities are jumping in.

Digital art is merely one use of NFTs, however. They may serve as a stand-in for ownership of any particular asset, such as a deed for a tangible or digital object.

Because they enable you store both your cryptocurrencies and your NFTs in one location, NFT wallet types for best nft games are a crucial component of the investing process. There are already hundreds of wallets accessible for investors, each with its unique set of tools and features as a result of the NFT industry’s fast expansion.

To aid with decision-making, this post will go through the finest NFT wallet in great depth. We’ll go through the best investing choices you have.

An NFT wallet is what?

A specific piece of software (or hardware) called an NFT wallet can safely store your NFTs. The wallet must be compatible with the blockchain that the NFT is built on in order to hold your NFTs; for instance, if the NFT is built on the Ethereum network, the wallet must support that network. Although some NFT wallet types also include a browser extension, most are only available via a mobile app.

NFTs are officially kept on the blockchain, hence NFT wallet types just save information on where the NFT is located within the network. As a result, they are crucial to maintaining the security of your NFT and your ownership of the asset. The top NFT wallet options provide a variety of supplementary services in addition to safeguarding your assets, such the capacity to view, share, and transfer NFTs to other users.

Benefits of an NFT wallet

Here are a few characteristics to consider while buying an NFT wallet.

1. A user-friendly interface

The last thing you need is an app that makes the already difficult notion of NFTs for novices even more difficult. Therefore, choosing an application that is easy to set up and use is helpful.

There isn’t a whole wallet that is beginner-friendly yet since the business is still in its infancy. However, some of the limited possibilities (especially those on mobile) claim about being perfect for someone just starting out with NFT collection.

2. Support for Multiple Devices

The bulk of NFT applications are offered as web extensions, mobile, desktop, or hybrid applications. Some, like Metamask, can synchronize transactions in real-time and are accessible on both devices, making them perfect for anybody who wishes to manage their tokens across several platforms.

3. Interoperability Among Chains

Ethereum is the most often used blockchain for NFT users because to its popularity and sizable development community. It follows that it is not unexpected that most wallets support tokens based on Ethereum (ERC-721 standard).

The value of NFT wallets

An NFT wallet is less functional than a physical wallet. Cryptocurrencies and NFTs are not kept in your wallet.

Access to assets kept on the Blockchain is instead granted. It gives the address a private key so that the wallet owner may approve transactions. If you have the private key, you may claim ownership of anything there.

In addition to offering a simple user interface for purchasing, selling, and transferring NFTs or cryptocurrencies, a wallet may manage all technical complexities. For further protection, it may provide two-factor authentication. It can also give you a way to monitor your assets across many devices.

However, you’ll need a wallet that supports the blockchain network you wish to use or enables cross-chain interoperability if you want to mint, buy, and trade NFTs on other networks. Examples of other blockchains that enable these tokens include Tezos, Zilliqa, Binance Smart Chain, and others.

The top 5 NFT wallets that you should be familiar with are listed below:

1. Metamask

Metamask is one of the most well-liked bitcoin wallets. Access to web3 sites like NFT markets is fast and simple with the help of its browser plugin. Additionally, Metamask makes it easy to establish several addresses, allowing you to keep your Bitcoin and NFTs separate. Alternatively, you may create a single address for each NFT you purchase.

The company that created Metamask, ConsenSys, intends to introduce a mobile app in 2020. The contents of the wallet sync perfectly across the desktop and mobile applications. The mobile software also comes with a browser for NFT markets and decentralized apps (dApps).

In case you need to switch currencies in order to buy an NFT, Metamask has a swap option already built in. Although there is a danger that the transaction may fall through, you can also restrict how much you spend in gas costs. Metamask supports several platforms if you need to utilize a different blockchain.

Pay attention to these NFT wallet options


  • Anyone with a rudimentary grasp of cryptocurrency may easily set up Metamask.
  • The web extension applications and mobile apps sync transactions.
  • Multiple ETH addresses may be readily created and switched between by users.

The mobile software also enables you to transmit ERC-721 tokens from one address to another. Metamask offers direct swaps between Ethereum and other ERC-20 tokens. The mobile version of Metamask includes a browser for browsing both NFTs and DeFi apps.

Using sophisticated and optimal charge customisation, users may adjust gas prices to correspond to network activity.


Concerns have also been expressed concerning the wallet’s disclosure of personally identifiable information to data collecting networks, which is why Metamask works best with Ethereum and other EVM-compatible blockchains.

Coinbase Wallet

Coinbase Wallet’s standing as a top NFT wallet is influenced by the fact that it is appropriate for novices. Instead than utilizing public wallet addresses, Coinbase allows customers to send and receive NFTs via usernames.

NFT transactions, which are comparable to PayPal transactions, are flexible thanks to the usernames. As a consequence, utilizing the Coinbase Wallet to deal with NFTs is simple for newcomers.

The majority of well-known cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ripple, Litecoin, Stellar Lumens, and ERC-20 tokens, are supported by Coinbase Wallet, which is crucial. The finest NFT wallet for newcomers, Coinbase Wallet, also features a user-friendly interface that helps with the storing of your own assets.

Therefore, you have a lower chance of losing ownership of any digital assets you have using Coinbase Wallet.


  • It uses two-factor authentication to protect user control.
  • The organization has the financial resources to recover lost or stolen digital assets.

The wallet is fully supported by Coinbase, a well-known cryptocurrency exchange, and has extensive features for giving and controlling access to digital financial instruments including NFTs, altcoins, and stablecoins. All users have access to the wallet via multi-signature.


The wallet is not presently enable Bitcoin storage, however it can work as a hosted wallet by storing the private keys somewhere else.


A free and open source bitcoin wallet is AlphaWallet. Even though it has certain restrictions (it can only be used on mobile and with Ethereum), it stands out because it offers native support for blockchain games and NFTs.

Beginners will like the straightforward user interface. For NFTs and gaming tokens, there is a distinct compartment in the wallet. Users may also add meta tags to their tokens so they can browse their collection and search and filter them with ease.

Along with other NFT markets and blockchain games, AlphaWallet includes direct connections with OpenSea, CryptoKitties, Dragonarium, and ChainZ Arena. A built-in dApp browser allows you to directly access DeFi applications like Compound as well as other NFT marketplaces.


  • The software has a built-in web3 browser for browsing other dApps and DeFi applications. 
  • The UI is straightforward and perfect for individuals who are just getting started with Ethereum and NFTs. 
  • AlphaWallet supports all Ethereum-based games and tokens natively.
  • Since AlphaWallet is currently a work-in-progress, new features may be quickly added to satisfy user demand.


AlphaWallet only supports Ethereum sidechains and apps. It is only accessible for mobile devices (Android and iOS).